How to Unbreakup by Rebekah L. Purdy

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How to Unbreakup

How to Unbreakup
Rebekah L. Purdy
Published: 10th February, 2015
Swoon Romance


First rule of breakups: There’s no going back.

For three years, seventeen-year-old Grace Evers has regretted breaking up with Sage Castle.

That day, she lost her boyfriend and best friend. And let’s be honest, it’s impossible to just be friends with the one person who gets you, faults and all, and loved you anyway. It’s impossible not to think about how it felt to be held by him, or the way he looked right before he was about to kiss you with the most perfectly yummy kiss goodnight.

And now that things are over between them, they’ve become strangers to one another. Sage won’t even look at Grace, let alone talk to her!

Breakup life sucks and Grace is utterly miserable, doing whatever she can to ease the pain of losing Sage. She’s spent the better part of high school pretending to be something she’s not and hanging out with people who probably wouldn’t notice if she wasn’t there. Crappy dates, backstabbing friends, and Sage’s cold shoulder have taken their toll.

So when her parents propose going away to their house on Lake Michigan for the summer, Grace is thrilled. No more massively bad dates with horrible kissers or lunch with frienemies. Just three months of swimming, hiking, and relaxing before senior year starts.

But when Grace learns Sage and his family will be joining them, she readies herself for a totally awkward family vacation of disastrous proportions. How can it be anything but awful if Sage won’t even acknowledge she exists?

This is it, Grace’s last chance to get Sage back and unbreakup.

What I liked: This story was super cute and I really enjoyed it. I read it in several back to back sittings between real life things because I couldn’t wait to figure out what was going to happen next with these two! Grace is that girl that I connected with because she’s a gamer, loves sports, and loves Star Wars. Sage was perfect for her, because even though he was a bit of a jerk in the beginning, as Grace does her best to rekindle their broken friendship he becomes much warmer and sweeter as time goes on. I thought their moments were really great, they complement each other so well in the way they are. Grace is funny, and she has several moments where she had me smiling and laughing throughout the book. I really enjoyed how close Grace was to her best friend as well as Sage’s sister, because I love it when a book has girls being friends, close and best friends, with other girls. It sells the story because it’s very believable to me! Of course, there’s always a little drama in the story and I really liked the spin on it.

What I didn’t like: I don’t believe that Grace would go all that time without dating or even kissing another guy. I mean, it was three years before she finally got around to trying to unbreakup with Sage. If she was popular that meant there were plenty of guys who would have tried to date her and I was certain that she at least dated a few, maybe four at the most with the type of person she seemed to be. But she dated no one and that always bothers me, because it’s unrealistic. Yeah, you can break up with someone, be really into them still and date and kiss other people. It’s really not all that difficult to do and this trend is a little bit worn out to me because it’s not something I’ve ever seen in other teenagers.

Overall Review: A fun story with great characters all around, I really liked this story and the way it played out. I was rooting for Grace more and more as I learned about her and watched her grow over the story as she tried her best to unbreakup with Sage. I loved how she went about it for the most part and was herself with him and the others, though I wish I could have seen how she acted when she was in school after she became popular, that would have been plenty of fun to read.

Recommend?: Definitely! It’s a really cute, swoony, and fun story!

Goodreads: 3.8/5 Amazon: 4.1/5 Barnes&Noble: 3.5/5

My Rating: 4.1/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.6
Idea: 4.2
Story: 4.1
Characters: 4.5

rebekah purdy

About the Author

Rebekah Purdy grew up in Michigan, where she spent many late nights armed with a good book and a flashlight. When not hiding at her computer and getting lost in her stories, she enjoys reading, singing, soccer, swimming, football, camping, playing video games and hanging out with her kids. She loves the unexplainable like Bigfoot, the Dogman, and the Loch Ness Monster (lots of good story material)! She admits to still having all the books she bought throughout her childhood and teen years, and she may or may not have an obsession with anything chocolate…




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