WWW Wednesday #1

WWW Wednesday

Welcome everyone, to WWW Wednesday! WWW Wednesday is a meme that was once hosted by MizB @ Should Be Reading and now hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words! Every Wednesday we’ll be answering the three W questions for you guys to see:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading


Hi everyone! First off, I want to welcome you to our first WWW Wednesday post! I’m super excited that I found this meme for us to partake in. Hopefully with this meme, you’ll be able to get to know us better and we’re definitely looking to interact with you guys more than we have since we opened up. Now, with that out of the way here’s what I’m currently reading!

A History of Glitter and BloodA History of Glitter and Blood is a story that, despite everything I’ve been hearing about, I was still really curious about. I trust the opinions of the bloggers I like that I follow, because we tend to have similar taste and ideas (although of course they do vary). SO despite everything bad I’d heard about A History of Glitter and Blood I decided I wanted to try it out! Right now though? I’m slightly regretting this decision. Guys this book is not that good so far. I’m like, two chapters in though but the writing is just…its not clicking with me in the least. I’m giving it to page 100 before I give up though. I just hope I can convince myself to read that far…

No More Confessions

No More Confessions is the third in the Confessions series, which I’ve really liked so far. Confessions of an Angry Girl and Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend were really good so I’m only about thirty pages in so far, but I have high hopes for this book once I finish it! I can’t say much in regards to the series right now but you can see my thoughts on the entire series when my reviews for them go live this Friday! I hope you’ll check them out!


Assassin Iris

Shadow Scale
I’m about 150 pages into an ARC of Shadow Scale (Thanks to my co-blogger, Bri for lending it to me!). It’s long, and time consuming but after finishing Seraphina I’m really looking forward to seeing how this book goes. It feel interesting, but it’s length is a little daunting to me right now since I can’t seem to sit around for long stints of time. Hopefully soon I’ll have a chance to delve a little more into it and enjoy more of this great series!

Recently Finished


I finished quite a few since last Wednesday!

18 Things 18 Truths 18 Thoughts

First I polished off all three books of the My So Called Afterlife series (of which you can read my review for the series here).

First Sight Second Glance Third Charm

Fourth Charm Fifth Touch Sixth Sense

Then I read the entire Run to You serial (which is the first one I’ve read)

Rebel Mechanics

Then I read Rebel Mechanics which is a print ARC (Thanks to Andye @ Reading Teen for gifting it t0 me!), and I ended up loving it. It was so great and different to me.

Confessions of an Angry Girl Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend

And then finally, I read the first two books in the Confessions series (which has an upcoming review this Friday). All in all, a great week for me reading wise!

Assassin Iris

I’m on vacation of sorts since I’m back in my homeland of Wales for a couple of weeks so right now not much reading is getting done. Here’s what I have read though.


I adored Seraphina. I’m not much of a fantasy reader, but Bri loved it and lent me both her ARC for Seraphina and her ARC for Shadow Scale for while I was on my trip. Now I know why she loves dragonshifter stories so much! Most of it was read during my three flights as well as a layover in Amsterdam.

Becoming Jinn

Bri also lent Becoming Jinn to me after she finished it (again for my trip), although since her copy is an ARC it has this reddish cover instead of the purple one that it seems to be now. I read most of it before my flight but I finished it during cab/train/bus rides in my Boston trip since I had a seven or so hour layover there before my flight to Amsterdam (which the trip was actually a lot of fun, I saw a lot of Boston during my short stop there).

So What's Next


Logos A Million Miles Away The Forgotten Mountain

Logos is a review copy for an upcoming tour, and I’m really looking forward to delve into it. A Million Miles Away is another print ARC (again, thank you Andye @ Reading Teen!!), and I’m actually looking forward to trying this one out as soon as I can. The Forgotten Mountain is, of course something I’m so looking forward to reading. I can’t wait to delve further into it! I’ll undoubtedly read others, but these three are definitely on my list to finish!

Assassin Iris

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things

Considering I’m on vacation and seemingly out all them time right now so Diamond Rings are Deadly Things is the only book I’m intending to read after I finish Shadow Scale. I like mystery books, and this had an interesting premise so I look forward to reading it when I get to it this week.

Comments are always welcome and greatly accepted! Please comment as you please :)

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