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Note that this portion of the page is being updated with a section for each category we use to rate the book, and what the “My Rating” section means for a book.


My Rating: Not worth the time to read it. Will not finish the series, or even think about buying the book.

Cover Art: The cover art for this book is bland/boring/terribly done. I would not buy this one based on just it’s cover and if I do/have it’s for the story. Clearly done by someone who has no idea what they’re doing or how to make a good cover.

Idea for Story Overall:

Story Plot:

Characters: These characters are just “cardboard cutouts” and just seem to move where the plot needs them to be. The plot moves them, they don’t move the plot. In essence, terrible characters.


My Rating: I didn’t really like it overall, but there were definitely a few parts that I enjoyed. I likely won’t finish the series except for closure, and there’s a very slim chance I’ll buy the book.

Cover Art: This cover has potential, and there are pieces that  fit into the story or it’s overall “feel” and fits into the genre. It just doesn’t catch my eye. Likely done by someone who doesn’t really know how to make eye catching covers, but who definitely should have learned to because they could have put it together better.

Idea for Story Overall:

Story Plot:



My rating: It was worth my time but there were parts I either struggled with or put me off, but I enjoyed it overall. I may finish the series if I get the chance, and I may eventually purchase the book but its not likely I will unless I really like the cover.

Cover Art: I think this cover art has potential, but if it’s outdated then it could do with some sprucing up for this age. If not they should think about getting a professional to make the cover instead of having done it themselves. Overall, okay but not great. It also may not fit in with what I think this book was about, or doesn’t seem to fit the genre it’s intended for.

Idea for Story Overall:

Story Plot:



My Rating: I liked this book a lot, there’s a chance that if it’s a series I’ll read it and there’s an almost guaranteed chance I’ll buy the book in paperback.

Cover Art: I really like this cover art and while I have a few hangups about the way it looks I may buy it because the artwork complements the overall feel and genre of the story.

  • If Bri is reviewing, anyone who created a cover for an author’s book that hits below this mark she will not even think about putting on her list for people she would contact to make her future cover for her W.I.P., she will put them on the “never to consult” list.

Idea for Story Overall:

Story Plot:



My Rating: I loved it, and I’ll buy it in hardcover. If it’s a series I’ll finish it out and likely recommend it to people to read.

Cover Art: This artwork is lovely and is definitely something I would stop and look at whether I was in a bookstore or online scrolling through books. In fact, that’s likely how it came to being picked up as a potential read! The higher end of this scale is starting to make me suffer from the “pretty cover I must have” syndrome!

  • If Bri is reviewing, she’s debating on whether to put the cover artist on a list of who she would contact for the future cover of her W.I.P. She’ll put them on the list if they belong to the upper end but will check out more covers either way.

Idea for Story Overall:

Story Plot:



My Rating: Definitely worth my time, and I LOVED it, and there were likely tears involved with reading it in the higher range. If it’s a series I’ll finish it, and buy the book in as many editions as I am allowed, hardcover and paperback alike. Will tell the world about how much I enjoyed this book and try to get everyone who reads books that I know to read it.

Cover Art: This cover is downright gorgeous, and I am highly tempted to buy it for its cover alone since it’s so beautiful! It flows really well and stands out to me so much that I would love to check out more of the covers the person who designed this one did.

  • If it’s Bri reviewing, she’s seriously putting the cover artist on her list of future people she would hire to design the cover for her book as well!

Idea for Story Overall: Very well done and to me more original than most things I’ve read before. Props to the fantastic idea!

Story Plot:


Please note that your score on the blog may not transfer over to Goodreads or Amazon as the same. On those sites the stars have different meanings and will reflect how the book left the reviewer feeling and not necessarily anything else. On the blog individual scores are calculated together to produce a final rating and the difference between the rating on the blog and Goodreads/Amazon can be up to a single star in difference either direction. It is possible for a book to receive three stars on the blog but be rated four stars because the reviewer felt that star reflects how they feel, and it could also be knocked down to two stars if it left the reviewer feeling unsatisfied.


-This blog is our own personal blog, reviews are written and edited by only ourselves unless the review says otherwise.
-Any views or opinions expressed in a review are the blogger posting’s own views and opinions.
-All books reviewed on this blog are from our personal collection, the library, borrowed, tour books, or ARCS/eARC and gifts from publishers/authors.
-Any ARC, eARC, tour book, or gifted book reviewed on this blog was/is given to us by the author/publisher free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
-We receive no compensation in exchange for book reviews/promotions/recommendations/spotlights and/or any other content.
-Book reviews posted on this blog are in no way influenced by any outside parties and all opinions here are our own.
-All book reviews posted on this blog are our property and copyrighted to the individual blogger, unless otherwise stated.
-We are in no way affiliated with any publishers/authors/websites/etc. mentioned on this blog, unless otherwise stated.

Dragon Images Disclaimer

All dragon images that appear anywhere on the blog (besides book covers or silhouette stock images) were drawn and colored by books-and-sketches

Review Opportunities/Tour Books/eARCs/ARCs

These books are provided for free in exchange for a review, we receive no compensation for posting these reviews. All reviews tagged “Review Opportunity”/”Bostick Communications”/”NetGalley”/”Edelweiss” or categorized with “Review Opportunity”/”Book Tours” or any touring company listed that we post for falls under this category.

Comments are always welcome and greatly accepted! Please comment as you please :)

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