99 Days (Katie Cotugno)


Age of Alandria series, The [Silent Orchids #1, Veiled Shadows #2, Forbidden Darkness #3] (Morgan Wylie)

All That Burns [All That Glows #2] (Ryan Gaudin)

All That Glows [All That Glows #1] (Ryan Gaudin)

Almost Loved (Mira Toria)

Altaica [Altaica #1] (Tracy M. Joyace)

Anyone? (Angela Scott)

Aqua (M. A. George)

ARRGH! (Stacey R. Campbell)

Atlantis Rising (Gloria Craw)

Atman City Series [Life A.D.: Life, After. Dez. #1, M.I.A.: Missing In Atman #2] (Michelle E. Reed)

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series [Aurora Sky #1, Northern Bites #2, Stakeout #2.5, Bad Blood#3, Hunting Season #4] (Nikki Jefford)


Bane Chronicles, The (Cassandra Clare)

Banish (Nicola Marsh)

Beautiful Curse (Jen McConnel)

Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand (R. S. Mellette)

Birth of a Destiny [Light Bearer #1] (T. R. Milne)

Blade Singer (Aaron DeOrive/Martha Wells)

Blades of Magic [Crown Service #1] [Audiobook] (Terah Edun)

Blood Entwines (Caroline Healy)

Blood Red Road [Dustlands #1](Moira Young)

Books, Blogs, & Reality (Ryan Ringbloom)


Caged Moon [Caged Moon #1] (Rachel Deagan)

Chandrea – Return of the Avatar Queen [Averill #1] (Marlene Wynn)

Chantress Fury [Chantress #3] (Amy Butler Greenfield)

Child of Brii (Amanda J. McGee)

Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer, The [Ward Against Death #1, Ward Against Darkness #2, Ward Against a Disaster #3] (Melanie Card)

Cimmerian Moon series, The [Against The Darkness #1, The Ashes That  Remain #2] (A. M. Griffin)

Cloak, The (Sarah Jennings)

Clockwork Scarab, The [Stoker & Holmes #1] (Colleen Gleason)

Collectors’ Society, The [The Collectors’ Society #1] (Heather Lyons)

Come, the Dark (Rebecca Hamilton)

Compendium (Alia Luria)

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! (Kay Marie)

Confessions of Jonathan Flite, The (Matthew J. Beier)

Counteract [Resistance #1] (Tracy Lawson)

Crazy in Love series [The Problem with Crazy #1, Eleven Weeks #2] (Lauren K. McKellar)

Crimson Bound (Rosamund Hodge)

Cruel Beauty (Rosamund Hodge)


Dark Choir series, The [The Curse Merchant #1, The Curse Servant #2] (J. P. Sloan)

Dark Siren [Dark Siren #1] (Eden Ashley)

Daughter of Isis [Descendants of Isis #1] (Kelsey Ketch)

Dawning of Firebird Alex, The (Orren Merton)

Dead Girl Walking [Royal Reaper #1] (Ruth Silver)

Dearest [Woodcutter Sisters #3] (Alethea Kontis)

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom (Maggie Lyons)

Diamond Peak Series, The [Lethal Inheritance #1, Stalking Shadows #2, Demon’s Grip #3, Eternal Destiny #4] (Tahlia Newland)

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things (Rachelle J. Christensen)

Dissonance [Dissonance #1] (Erica O’Rourke)

Distance Between Lost and Found, The (Kathryn Holmes)

Dragonet Prophecy, The [Wings of Fire #1] (Tui T. Sutherland)

Dragons Are People, Too (Sarah Nicolas)

Dreamscape: Saving Alex ()

Dusty Chronicles, The [Haunting #1, Imprint #2] (B. J. Sheldon)


Emeralds and Pearls (C. Spencer-Upton)

Empty Cup (Suzanne Costigan)

Escape, The [Gumshoes & Grifters #.5] (Allana Kephart; Melissa Simmons)

Eventide (Christine Allen-Riley)

Every Last Promise (Kristin Halbrook)


Family Heir (Sara M. Drake)

Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, The (Sam Maggs)

Fire in Frost [Crystal Frost #1] (Alicia Rades)

Fire of the Dragon (Lori Dillon)

Flawless (Jennifer McGill-Sadera)

Frost Series, The [First Frost #1, Glass Frost #2] (Liz DeJesus)


Gathering Frost [Once Upon a Curse #1] (Kaitlyn Davis)

Ghost of You, The [The Ghost of You#1] (Amanda Burckhard)

Girl With the Half and Half Face, The (Leslie Miller)

Gifted, The (Tamra Lassiter)

Gilded Ashes (Rosamund Hodge)

Glimmers (Barbara Brooke)

Going Down in Flames series [Going Down in Flames #1, Bridges Burned #2] (Chris Cannon)

Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)

Goosebumps Most Wanted #1 Special Edition: Zombie Halloween (R. L. Stine)

Great and Terrible Beauty, A [Gemma Doyle #1] (Libba Bray)


Helia’s Shadow (K. C. Neal)

Henge [Le Fay #1] (Realm Lovejoy)

Hidden Library, The [The Collectors’ Society #2] (Heather Lyons)

Horror Business (Ryan Craig Bradford)

How I Fall – How I Fly (Anne Eliot)

How (Not) To Fall In Love (Lisa Brown Roberts)

How to Unbreakup (Rebekah L. Purdy)

Hydro [Aurelia #1] (A. C. Waltower)


I and You (Beverly Garside; Lucas Duimstra)

Ignite the Shadows (Ingrid Seymour)

Inner Fire (R. L. Stedman)

Intergalactic Adventures of Queen Bea, The (Jeanne Gransee Barker)


Jack Templar, Monster Hunter (Jeff Gunhus)

Just Perfect (Hanne Arts)

Just Pru (Anne Pfeffer)


Krymzyn (B. C. Powell)


Last Order, The [Untitled #1] (Angela M. Caldwell)

Leaving Tracks (Victoria Escobar)

Les Miserables Graphic Novel (Stacy King)

Liars, Inc. (Paula Stokes)

Lichgates [The Grimoire Saga #1]  (S. M. Boyce)

Life Blood (H. K. Savage)

Life in the No-Dating Zone (Patricia B. Tighe)

Life Unaware (Cole Gibsen)

Lifer (Beck Nicholas)

Linked [Linked #1] (Imogen Howson)

Lioness of Kell (Paul E. Horsman)

Loki Variation, The (Sabrina James Riley)

Lost Prince, The [Seaborne #1] (Matt Myklusch)

Lunar Passing [Caged Moon #2] (Rachel Deagan)

Luthier’s Apprentice, The (Mayra Calvani)


Meritropolis (Joel Ohman)

Midnight Magic [Amber Lee Mysteries #1] (Katerina Martinez)

Murder of Magpies, A (Sarah Bromley)

My Demonic Ghost series [Banished Spirits #1, The Reapers #2, Hunters & Creators #3] (Jacinta Maree)

My So Called Afterlife series [18 Things #1, 18 Truths #2, 18 Thoughts #3] (Jamie Ayres)


Never Sleep (Cady Vance)

Night House, The (Rachel Tafoya)

Nobody’s Goddess (Amy McNulty)

None of the Above (I. W. Gregorio)


Of Legacies Series [Of Gaea #1, Of Sparta #2] (Victoria Escobar)

Of Sea and Stone [Secrets of Itlantis #1] (Kate Avery Ellison)

One Great Year (Tamara Veitch; Rene DeFazio)

Only the Good Die Young (Douglas Trueman)

Orenda [Orenda #1] (Ruth Silver)

Origin of Angels [Elemental Legacy #1] (Christie Rich)


Peerless (Victoria Escobar)

Praefatio [Praefatio #1] (Georgia McBride)

Prediction, The (Darren Sugrue)

Pretty Crooked series [Pretty Crooked #1, Pretty Sly #2, Pretty Wanted #3] (Elisa Ludwig)

Pride and Prejudice Graphic Novel (Stacy King)

Prime (Windsor Harries)

Problem with Heartache, The [Crazy in Love #3] (Lauren K. McKellar)

Prophecy (Julie Anne Lindsey)

Proximity Series, The [Proximity #1, Relativity #2, Vitality #3] (M. A. George)


Queen of Bright and Shiny Things, The (Ann Aguirre)

Quickbane: Part One [Vale Chronicles #1] (Chelsea Starling)


Raven [Chronicles of Steele #1] (Pauline Creeden)

Rebel Trilogy [The Rebel Within #1, The Rebel Trap #2, Rebels Divided #3] (Lance Erlick)

Reflection Pond [Reflection Pond #1] (Kacey Vanderkarr)

Rehab is for Witches (Cynthia Valero, Elle J. Rossi, J. A. Howell, Miranda Stork, Tara S. Wood, Tyfanni Clark Kemp)

Reluctant Prince (Kingdom of Cymmera #1) (Dani Lyn-Alexander)

Repossession [The Keepers Trilogy #1] (Rachael Wade)

Resurrection of Aubrey Miller, The (L. B. Simmons)

Revelation [The Revelation Series #1] (Randi Cooley Wilson)

Rise, The [The Originals #1] (Julie Plec)

Rule of Three, The [Amber Lee Mysteries #2] (Katerina Martinez)


Scarlet Letter Graphic Novel, The (Nathaniel Hawthorne; Stacey King; SunNeko Lee)

Secrets of Attraction, The (Robin Constantine)

Selection, The [The Selection #1] (Kiera Cass)

Seed of Mankind, The (Sabrina James Riley)

Seeker (Arwen Elys Dayton)

Shadow of Loss, The (Josefina Gutierrez)

Shh! [Oxley College #1] (Stacey Nash)

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli)

Sleeping Tom (E. V. Fairfall)

Solitaire (Alice Oseman)

Soul Thief, The [Angel of Death #1] (Majanka Verstraete)

Spellbound Trilogy, The [Entangled #1, Duplicity #2, Enchantment #3] (Nikki Jefford)

Spiral [Spiral #1] (Jacqueline Levine)

Spiritglass Charade, The [Stoker & Holmes #2] (Colleen Gleason)

Stepsister’s Tale, The (Tracy Barrett)

Stones and Finger Bones [The Black Towers #1] (Jessica Minyard)

Storm Siren trilogy [Storm Siren #1, Siren’s Fury #2] (Mary Weber)

Summer Confessions (Lynn Vroman)

Supervision (Alison Stine)

Swept Away (Michelle Dalton)


Talon [Talon #1] (Julie Kagawa)

Tethering series, The [The Tethering #1, The Siren’s Realm #2] (Megan O’Russell)

Things We Know By Heart (Jessi Kirby)

Tortured Souls [The Orion Circle #1] (Kimber Leigh Wheaton)

Transformed (E. V. Fairfall)

True Calling series [True Calling #1, Beyond Reach #2] (Siobhan Davis)

Twisted Bloodlines series [Twisted Bloodlines #1, Conceived From Evil #2, Curses and Deception #3] (Linda Jackson)


Unnatural Selection (Victoria Escobar)

Unstrung (Kendra C. Highley)


Vampire Diaries Volume 1, The [The Awakening #1, The Struggle #2] (L. J. Smith)

Veracity (Lindsey Stell)


Water So Deep (Nichole Giles)

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Wearing the Cape series [Wearing the Cape #1, Bite Me #1.5, Villains Inc. #2, Omega Nights #2.5, Young Sentinels #3, Small Town Heroes #4] (Marion G. Harmon)

Whispers (H. K. Savage)

Wicked Sense (Fabio Bueno)

Witching Elm, The [Momento Mori #1] (C. N. Crawford)

Wind Catcher [Chosen #1] (Jeff Altabef; Erynn Altabef)

Wishful Thinking (Elle Jefferson)

Wonderland: Asylum (Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand)




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