The Blogger’s Prefered Genre’s


I have a big love for all sorts of fantasy books, every genre in fantasy is accepted by me! I do prefer lots of subtle world building, learning about the world I’m being immersed in little by little, but that’s not required.

Will Read for Review:

-Urban Fantasy
-Paranormal Romance
-High/Epic Fantasy
-Magic Realism
-Sword and Sorcery Fantasy
-Sword and Soul Fantasy
-Dark Fantasy
-Soft Science Fiction

Case-By-Case Reviews:

-Short Stories

Will Not Read for Review:


Ask me about anything else and we’ll see if I like it or not!


Assassin Iris

I’m a lover of romances, and Sci-Fi. Bit of a contradiction between them. I love world building when necessary for my stories.

Will Read for Review:

-Contemporary Romance
-Historical Romance
-Paranormal Romance
-Hard/Soft Sci-Fi.

Case-By-Case Reviews:

-Historical Nonfiction (certain areas of history/pre-WWI)
-Religion (Old Pantheon deities only)
-Fantasy (all)

Will Not Read for Review:


Ask me if you want me to read anything else though and I’ll consider it.

If you’re looking to ask for a review please go here for the guidelines of requesting!

Comments are always welcome and greatly accepted! Please comment as you please :)

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