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Hello Everyone!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that this blog has gone completely silent since the 25th of June (our last review). You may have wondered what happened to both bloggers and I am here to let you know that this post is the final one for this blog.

Are we both quitting? No absolutely not! You see, due to a technical dilemma caused by me (Bri) we’ve lost access to this account in every way besides emailing post directly to it. I don’t know about you, but ALL of our post have a very specific formatting to them so this was an unacceptable solution. After trying very hard to recover this account Iris and I have simply decided to transfer our future posts to a new site that will be reflecting both of us more once we have an entire new set of graphics made for us (coming soon!).

So as a heads up, all of you email and WordPress followers will know how you can continue to follow us if you choose. We can now be found at:

I hope to see all of you there when we formally reopen this month there! We have plenty of work ahead of us, so its time for us to get moving on setting everything up fully!

Lots of love from,
Bri & Iris


Introducing New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Foster’s New Street Team!

Melissa Street Team Banner

From NYT & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Melissa Foster

To help celebrate the release of her newest Romance, bestselling author, Melissa Foster, has created a fun Street Team for readers of her books and lovers of the Romance genre. Because of this, she’ll be giving away lots of prizes—and I mean a whole lot! There’s chocolate gift baskets, autographed books, super swag among other things! She’ll be giving away more than 20 prizes, and as many as 520! That’s so many gifts!

And, if the Street Team reaches 500 members by Monday, December 22, every single member will score an A.R.C. (Advance Review Copy) of her upcoming novel, Seaside Secrets. That means that if you become part of her street team you can enjoy the newly released Seaside Sunsets and then immediately read the next installment in the series. Pretty cool, huh?

“But I don’t want to join the street team!” you say. Not a problem! Even if you don’t want to join the street team you can enter the Rafflecopter contest for your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card and autographed book!

Now that I know you’re excited, please read on to learn more about Melissa’s Street Team and her newest release, Seaside Sunsets. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: The Ghost of You by Amanda Burckhard

The Ghost of You
Amanda Burckhard
Release Date: 30th December, 2014
Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:

Emmy has everything she’s ever wanted: a hot boyfriend she adores, great friends, a promising future, and even a well-connected family. But one night rips it all away.

A car accident shatters her world, claiming the lives of her twin brother and her best friend. In the wake of the accident, her friends drift away, her family falls apart, and her boyfriend cheats.

The grief is more than she can handle, so she finds escape at the bottom of a bottle of painkillers. Taking the pills makes her brother alive again, if only in her head. Seeing and talking to her brother as if he were still alive is the only thing that keeps her going. Until Logan King moves to town.

Logan sees past the mask of pristine popularity she wears in public and he’s the only one who can tell she hasn’t moved on. His uncanny ability to read her forces her to open up and she starts to fall for him, no matter how unwilling she is to admit it. But Emmy isn’t the only one keeping secrets and when a close brush with death sparks events that bring everything to light, Emmy will have to decide what’s more important: learning how to forgive and move on, or holding onto the pills and the ghost of her past.

About the Author

Amanda Burckhard grew up exploring bat caves and hunting for dinosaur bones in the Black Hills of South Dakota. When she wasn’t crossing paths with mountain lions, she was making up stories and devouring books at the library. Although, she still does that.

Amanda loves to travel and cross out things on her adrenaline packed bucket list. Some of the things she’s been able to cross out include see an active volcano erupt, ride a gondola in Venice, and pet a tiger.

She currently lives in North Sioux City, South Dakota and works as a microbiologist by day. Some of her obsessions include comic book movies, hot chocolate, sushi, sunshine, and Doctor Who.

Author Links:

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Guest Post: Artemis’s Hunt by Lia Davis

Author Guest Post

Artemis’s Hunt (Sons of War novella 2.5)
Lia Davis
Fated Desires Publishing

Deception broke her heat. The truth fuels her hunt.

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, has lived with heartache for the last fifteen hundred years, believing her only love is dead. That’s what her father—Zeus, king of the gods—told her. After recent events brought the truth to light, Artemis must gather the courage to face her lost love again.

Evangelos, former god of messengers, was content living in the mortal world until he discovered he has a daughter and her mother is Artemis. When the goddess shows up at his place of employment with tales of renewing his god status, he’s skeptical. Zeus wouldn’t reverse the curse out of the goodness of his heart. There is always a catch. The god king wants something in return.

When Artemis explains she has to hunt down her stepmother, Hera, in order to get Evan back into Zeus’s good graces, Evan demands to accompany her. However, the journey turns out to be a test that could bring them closer together or tear them apart forever.

Buy links:

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Sons of War series to date

War’s Passion, book 1

Ashes of War, book 2

Artemis’s Hunt, book 2.5

More to come…


A familiar, masculine scent mixed with that of forest and earth met her nose. Annoyance bathed her, turning to anger as she twisted sharply to face the intruder. Evangelos, minor god of the messengers, stood a few feet away, his own bow at the ready. She snarled, glancing from the bow to the smug look on his face. “I thought Hermes taught his sons better manners. Don’t you know it is dangerous to sneak up on me during a hunt?”

One large, bare shoulder rose in a lazy shrug as he stalked closer. She planted her feet in place, refusing to show him any type of weakness—he would never know how her body heated when he was near, something she hadn’t experienced with any other man.

She was a pure goddess, untouched by the desires of the flesh, and she would stay that way. Not even Evangelos could change who she was or her nature.

He stopped a foot away, the heat from his virile body reaching out to her, coaxing her to come closer. “I want you to teach me to hunt.”

Steeling her spine, she narrowed her gaze at him. “You can already hunt.”

“Not like you. I want you to show me your way.”


He took a step nearer. She desperately wanted to move away, but giving up ground would be a sign of weakness. “Does the reason matter?”

No, it didn’t matter. She couldn’t care less why he wanted her to teach him. “What do you offer me in return?” He had to know asking a boon of her meant she’d require some sort of payment in exchange.

One corner of his mouth lifted, drawing her attention to his full lips. What was wrong with her? She must be ill. It was the only reasonable explanation for her reaction to him. When he spoke, his tone softened, almost to a whisper. “I offer my services to you during the time it takes you to teach me.”

Suspicion crawled up her spine. “What services?”

He closed the distance between them until only a breath separated them. “Anything you wish, my goddess.”

She was fully unprepared for what happened next. When his soft lips brushed hers, every nerve in her body lit up as if charged by lightning. For a moment she allowed his testing caress, but when he wrapped an arm around her waist, she broke the kiss and slapped him. The sound of the strike echoed off the trees as his head whipped to the side, thunder to emphasize the storm he’d awakened with his touch.

“Do that again and I’ll kill you,” she warned.


I want to introduce you to the author of the book now, Lia Davis! She was kind enough to do a guest post, so without further ado here she is!

Why I became a writer by Lia Davis

Hi! I want to thank Bri for having me over as her guest. It’s so great to be here. Before I talk about how I became a writer, I’d like to introduce myself for those who don’t know me. I’m a mother, wife, reader, and creative mind. I write in multiple genres including, but limited to, contemporary erotic, new adult, gay romance, and, my first love, paranormal.

I’ve always written things down, kept journals, made random notes about anything that came to mind. The main reason was because my mind wouldn’t stop. The wheels always turned and new ideas emerged. I really didn’t understand this until I started writing with the goal to be a published author in 2008.

I told myself I wouldn’t read it. I read historical romance because it took me to another time and I love history. Paranormal was something I watched on TV. Never considered reading romance books involving vampires and other creatures of magic and the night. Yet, when the movie came out, I watched it. Damn, I got sucked in and had to read the books.

Yes, I’m talking about Twilight. I read all four books back to back within a 2 week time period.

After I finished I wanted more so I searched Amazon for vampire romances and went through them like crazy. Then I moved on to other paranormal romances. A whole new world of reading opened up and I decided to give writing them a try. So I started researching myths and legends and other paranormal things.

I wanted to write vampires, but there were so much out there with them, it was hard for me to create a fresh new world. I spent so much time working and reworking, writing and rewriting, storylines and plot ideas and nothing worked. So I moved on the witches and developed my first series The Divinities and contracted the first book in late 2011 with a release date the following July. Then I came out with my shapeshifters and released Winter Eve in December 2012.

This year I started branching out. I wrote a contemporary erotic titled Business Pleasures—now available—and a MM military romance set to release in a bundle titled Unconditional Surrender next month. Also next month my first NA paranormal, Imperfect Mate, comes out as part of the Decadent Publishing ROAR line. These won’t be the only stories I do in these genres.  I will be writing more of them along with my paranormals.

So what happened to my vamps? I am happy to say I have finally came up with a world that works. I have my vampires. The first book, IT’S A VAMPIRE CHRISTMAS, comes out in December.

I love meeting new friends. Feel free to friend and follow me. My social links are below.

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