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Seeker (Seeker #1)
Arwen Elys Dayton
Published: 10th February, 2015
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance
Age: Young Adult
From: NetGalley


Quin Kincaid has been put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is the noble purpose of becoming a revered ‘Seeker’.

Only when it’s too late does she discover she will be using her new-found knowledge and training to become an assassin. Quin’s new role will take her around the globe, from a remote estate in Scotland to a bustling, futuristic Hong Kong where the past she thought she had escaped will finally catch up with her.

What I liked: I’ll be honest with you, this story had a great premise to it. It sounded like it would be an intricate and interesting story full of action and adventure as Quin learns what she was really being trained to do for so many years. The concept had exactly what it needed. And I have to admit, some parts of the book were really interesting, and they made up for how I felt about the rest of the book. I especially was intrigued by the other symbols

What I didn’t like: For books this intricate, I need more worldbuilding to understand the realm I just stepped into. We have a medieval-esque estate where Seekers are trained to become, well, Seekers. We’re thrown into a training session at the beginning and it was detailed just right, it kept my attention and seemed like “Hm, maybe I will like this book!” but…after the romance was introduced things seemed to get a bit…strange. I felt like suddenly I was thrust out of what I understood and struggled to reconnect with the story except at various points that were more random than anything. So much of the story was withheld and some pieces of information that I believe would have benefited the story weren’t explained in the story either, and now my questions still linger and exist. I get that this is a series, but I wish there had been a clearer explanation about certain things dealing with the Seekers and the stories that Quin heard growing up. Plus the love triangle was a joke, the second guy in the triangle made it really awkward because of the blood relation (I mean, I get they’re distant cousins but still. I find it awkward to know…).

Overall Review: This book was one that I sloughed through to try and see if it was good like a few of the people I know said it was. Unfortunately, for some reason I never got into the book and couldn’t connect with the characters or much of anything that was going on. While  would have liked to like this book too, it unfortunately just wasn’t for me.

Recommend?: I’m hesitant about recommending this book, but its because overall I didn’t like it (and I’m always going to hesitate on recommending books I didn’t like since I read so eclectically and generally like what I read) but I mean, there’s clearly a market out there for those who liked this book. Take a chance if you think that you’ll like it is all I can say!

Goodreads: 3.3/5 Amazon: 3.8/5 Barnes&Noble: 4.4/5 BookDepository: -/5

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My Rating: 2.9/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.8
Idea: 3.3
Story: 2.2
Characters: 2.4

no cover

Traveler (Seeker #2)
Arwen Elys Dayton
Releasing: 2016
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance
Age: Young Adult

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Arwen Elys Dayton

About the Author

Arwen Elys Dayton is hard at work on the SEEKER series, a grand YA story for Random House.

Arwen began her career as a teenage staff writer at a foundation that produced Peabody Award-winning educational shows for PBS. Soon afterward, she began writing screenplays and novels, including Sovereign’s Hold and Resurrection, the #1 Amazon bestseller in Sci-Fi in both the US and the UK.

She spends months doing research for her stories. Her explorations have taken her around the world to places like the Great Pyramid (which she explored by flashlight when researching Resurrection), Hong Kong and its many islands, and lots of ruined castles in Scotland. She enjoys creating complete worlds inhabited by characters who charm, frustrate or inspire.

Arwen lives with her husband and their three children on the West Coast of the United States. You can visit her at and follow @arwenelysdayton on Twitter and Instagram, or reach her by email at

She is represented by Jodi Reamer at Writers House.


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