Hell’s Menagerie by Austin Dragon


Hell's Menagerie

Hell’s Menagerie (After Eden: Tek-Fall #2)
Austin Dragon
Releasing: 30th March, 2015
Well-Tailored Books

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian
Age: Adult


Hell’s Menagerie: Tek-Fall (Episode II) is the companion novella in the After Eden science fiction and international thriller series by Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue.

The sci-fi, adventure started in Episode I with the hunt for the elusive “Man Made Out of String.” But it was only the tip of the iceberg for a broader mission for the Faithers.

In Episode II, they seek the “Zoo.” Monsters are being made—for war, for study, for amusement—and some have escaped into the wild. From the tek-cities of America to Spanish Australia to secret island locations all over the world, the sci-fi adventure thriller continues in the year 2093.

Tek World loves the advancements of modern genetic-engineering to eliminate disease, genetic-designing to pick the traits of offspring, and body-farms to grow and replace damaged limbs and organs—and even to “perfect” the human body. But it hasn’t stopped there. There is a secret bio-tek race by rogue international alliances to create life—bizarre, amazing, and horrifying.


“I saw Joseph Stalin shoot Che Guevera dead and then proceed to beat Pol Pot to death. Mao Zedong and Adolf Hitler sat there laughing. It was all an epic achievement of science!”

The Factlity, Secret Location
2:32 p.m., 6 Match 2090

Uncle Joe killed his brothers, Che and Pol, because he felt they had not killed enough people to be part of their Billion Dead Club and was genuinely offended by their existence.

That was the pivotal issue. It began as a tiny whisper of a voice in her head and had grown into unsettling screams of conscience. They were sim-clones-not the actual murderous despots, not even real clones of the actual murderous despots-but everyone treated them as if they were the real thing. More importantly, the Hell Boys believed they were real men.

The Keeper decided one day she would kill all her ‘boys.’ This spontaneous morality that mirrored, what she of said aloud, “the archaic and simple-minded, paleo-religious social constructs” of Jew-Christians had first crept into her mind more than a year ago. She fought it within herself intensely at the beginning and asked herself, how such an upstanding free-thinking Pagan scientist such of herself have anything in common with those epople? But over the course of a year, she slowly began to embrace her new state of mind. She became as convinced in the need to destroy them, as she was to have them ‘birthed’ in the first place. She even announced her decision to her biological father and boss before.

“We are here to protect America,” he had told her just this morning. “Give it all the weapons needed to protect itself from all foreign enemies. Science has always been the tip of this war effort. The Project is that and more. What is offensive to me is that my own offspring is now developing misgivings about work she’s done without an trepidations her entire life. I am ashamed of you. You are a walking disgrace to the scientific community. You know how many scientist in the world would kill to be part of this project, if they knew of it, and you were handed the opportunity on a silver plate; the chance to be immortal, to have all speak your name. Scientist will be at the forefront of war, not passing afterthoughts as in the past.”

She looked nothing like her bio-dad with her short, grayish blond hair and naturally fair complexion. His skin had an artificial quality-he had a full facial skin replacement, a common procedure to be ‘young again,’ and a well-groomed mustache and beard.

“This is freakishness and not anything noble you would pretend it to be,” she said to him.

“Nobility? I have no opinion on that concept. We are ensuring the peace.”

“Yes, Father dearest.”

“Please stop using that bigoted, backwards term. Mother, father-I am your guardian, but that has zero relevance here.” He glares at her. “You will do your work as I direct, or there will be consequences.”

“Yes, you would probably need to kill me since I know too much.”

“I would, without hesitation, without emotion. Any defective or inferior biological should be terminated.”

“I have decided. I’m going to kill all three of them.”

“I’ll kill all of your children in the Zoo if you ever say that again.”

Only a mother is allowed to kill her children, she thought.

Before she left the lab, she had her ‘pet’ kill him too.


She has called this ultrasecret, underground ‘black’ facility home for many years, and it’s so vast that it is its own independent, self-contained city. All the project scientist permanently live here, as she does. It is a network of endless sections and many levels, including personnel residences, laboratories, observation rooms, waste and disposal, entertainment, cafeteria and food creation, motor pool, communications, security, and the Zoo-where the ‘subjects’ are kept.

Security includes watching-walls (ever inch of its surface is a surveillance-cam), robotic guards, and segregated bio-metric restricted areas. But she has already disabled all security on this level, even turning off the main hallway lights. She silently walks down the hallway with the back-up lights barely illuminating it with a creepy red glow. Or is it only unsettling in her mind because of what she is about to do?

Joseph Stalin may be wearing red clothes but it does not hide the blood as it spills out of his body. He flails around on the floor, desperately applying pressure to his deadly neck wound, but it is in vain.

her face  is splattered with some of his blood, and so are her white clothes as she runs to the elevator, holing her forearm. He got her-he was so strong that he had managed to slash her with her own laser knife. The elevator door opens and she lunges at Mao before he can even react. She stabs Mao Zedong violently, rapidly, life an emotionless machine. He laughs. The monster laughs at her and she stops. He continues to laugh even as he slowly sits on the elevator floor.

“My worshipers will bring me back. You will be among my first million victims,” he manages to say.

His sickening laugh begins again. She has to get out of the elevator as a wave of claustrophobia comes over her. She backs out of the elevator and the laughing becomes gurgling before, it stops and the sick smile on his face disappears as he succumbs to his wounds.

All she sees is the blood. There is a familiar smell of that specially formulated aftershave-

The ax misses her body only by inches, slamming into the edge of the elevator opening. How she managed to dodge it, she does not know. Adolf Hitler pulls the ax back to swing again. She kicks him with all her might, and he stumbles back but manages not to fall.

“I’ve survived all my many assassins and I shall survive you!” he yells as he starts forward again. “There were more than two dozen. Oster and Beck. Von Stauffenberg and Von Tresckow, even celebrity traitors like Rommel, the SS, and entire armies. No one remembers any of them. But I remain immortal, only me!” The ax is raised above his head. “You can’t kill a god in this world!”

he is not a clone of the original, as there would have to be original, surviving DNA material to clone. He was created to be, visually, an exact ‘twin; of the original, a simulated clone or sim-clone. But he believes with ever brain cell that he is Adolf Hitler. They have conditioned him to believe nothing else. All the Hell Boys were conditioned to believe themselves to be the person they saw in the mirror looking back at them.

Megalomaniacs are all the same, she thinks to herself, whether from nature or from a lab. His hubris is his undoing He was enhanced neonatally and could have killed her without any external weapon, but her chose to be hands on.

“But I am your god and gods know how to kill their creations.” She fires her concealed wrist weapon.

His psychotic scream echoes throughout the hallway, throughout the entire level. He grips the ax handle so forcibly that he breaks the handle. before her eyes, the center of his torso disintegrates, forming a disgusting hole through his body that you could kick a soccer ball through. He collapses to the ground dead.

She leans back against the wall-it’s over.

after a minute or two of staring at his remains, she moves. She retrieves the final device from one of the storage lockers. She had smuggled it in, piece by piece, over a course of months, along with many while gallon containers. Methodically, she soaks the bodies with the fuel, each one-Joe first, Mao second, and the biomass of Adolf third. One white container after another, she pours out onto the hallway floors. She throws the last container on the ground and gives her home a final look. This is how the only person she was close enough to call a friend, Klara, was killed, way back in 2080. It was her The Keeper realizes. Klara ws the catalyst of her mortality. Klara had tried to kill Adolf at his birth.

It is funny how much defining moments in life can be so completely hidden by your own mind, she says to herself.

They will, of course, create another Menagerie, but not with this genetic material. She escapes the Facility this day, today, 6 March 2090, and it is the last day that she-The Keeper-is ever seen in public again. The other ‘gods’ will hunt her now and they will never stop.

Then there is the man in white with the wings etched on the back of his jacket and the woman in black with the top hat.. The mysterious couple-Jew-Christians probably-that can bend reality, alter perception, and make people vanish into oblivion, never to be seen again. They have always scared her for some reason. The rumors about the duo have become urban legend among the internationalist bio-scientist and rouge tek-lord communities-except she knows that the myth is all too real. She’s comfortable by the fact that she has this fear of them, unlike many unfortunate colleagues before her, because it means they will never find her.


The bombs explode with the telltale while flames of hi-ox fuel accelerant destroying everything on the entire level. The Zoo is no more.

This Zoo is no more.

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Metal Flesh

Metal Flesh (After Eden: Tek-Fall #1)
Austin Dragon
Releasing: 1st June, 2014
Well-Tailored Books

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian
Age: Adult


Metal Flesh (After Eden Series: Tek-Fall, Episode I) is the companion novella in the After Eden science fiction and international thriller series by Austin Dragon—a dramatic mix of politics, religion, and intrigue. The sci-fi, adventure follows the hunt for the elusive “Man Made Out of String.” But who is this contract killer—or what is he? From the tek-cities of America to the Outlands of the Middle East, the sci-fi adventure thriller continues in the year 2093. Tek-World loves its artificial-intelligent mechanization, including robotic pets and ubiquitous drones. But humans have also created machines in their image—robots—using metal instead of flesh.

Austin Dragon

About the Author

Austin Dragon is author of the After Eden Series, including the After Eden: Tek-Fall mini-series, and the new Sleepy Hollow Horrors. In 2015, besides more sci-fi, he will add mystery, cyberpunk, YA dystopia, and fantasy to his list of works.

He is a native New Yorker, but has called Los Angeles, California home for the last twenty years. Words to describe him, in no particular order: U.S. Army; English teacher; one-time resident of Paris; political junkie; movie buff; campaign manager and staffer of presidential and gubernatorial campaigns; Fortune 500 corporate recruiter; renaissance man; dreamer.


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