Book Blitz: Elevated by Daniel Solomon Kaplan



Elevated (Elevated Saga #1)
Daniel Solomon Kaplan
Published: 23rd September, 2014
Genre: Science Fiction
Age: Young Adult


Rose doesn’t want to be an Elevated. She refuses to have her power unlocked on Elevation Day, unlike her other classmates. The irreversible treatment reveals powers that range from a benefit or a nuisance. For her father, it transformed him into an Unsound, forcing him to a life of exile.

Her hand is forced after a chance encounter with a previously undiscovered power activates her ability. Living as an Undocumented Elevated, Rose needs the help of others who hide under the government’s radar to learn to control her unwanted power. Among them, she unravels secrets about the treatment, the powers, and what happened to her father. Fed up with lies, Rose wants nothing more than to learn the whole truth–even if it means accepting her fate as an Elevated.

Elevated is the first book in a young adult sci-fi series, which takes its inspiration from comic book adventure stories.


The class finishes and we run out of the room like lightning, dodging students and desks. Only a few steps out, I smack hard into a large student, knocking her to the ground. A knot develops in my stomach as the large wings of a familiar Flier come into focus.

“Watch where you’re going,” yells Tessla, picking herself off the ground.

Her two Flier friends come over to help lift her up and I gulp as they face me.

“Hey, it’s that dumb kid from the restaurant,” says the Flier with sandy brown hair.

“Wha—?” Tessla says, brushing off her bright pink pants, now covered with dust from the tile floor. A small trail of blood streams from her lip. “You cause a ton of accidents. Don’t think it’s safe to have a stupid klutz like you ‘round here.”

“I-­I’m sorry.” My whole body shivers. “I wanted to go home. It’s been a long day. I shouldn’t have been running and—” “Shut up! Just shut up,” Tessla says. “I think this school needs a little accident prevention. Don’t you agree guys?”

She glances over at the two Fliers next to her and gives a devilish grin, which they return. Chucking their wingvests, their wings snap out, sending feathers flying. Tessla’s red and black feathers dwarf her small frame.

The two male Fliers then pin Aaron back against the lockers and encircle him with their wings.

“Run!” he says.

“You run and your buddy gets it. This is for you, not him. Wonder how many flaps it will take?”

I’ve seen videos of gusting before. Groups of Fliers grab Basics or Lessers and take bets on how many flaps it will take to knock someone flat on their back using only the force of air.

The best do it in one.

Aaron scrambles to break free from the Fliers, but their grasp is too strong. Tessla barely has enough room to spread her wings out in the hallway. She takes a step back and I close my eyes.

A gust of wind blasts down the hallway, whipping my hair into a frenzy. In a blur, the two Fliers surrounding Aaron are knocked to the ground. I feel a strong yank lifting me off the ground. Tessla shrinks in sight as I hurtle away from her and down the hallway. Another Flier is clutching me in their arms. We tear down the school corridors at top speed.

“You ok?” Zach asks

“I­-I-­yeah.” I catch my breath from the sudden tug.

We careen through the hallways in a flash. Racing past the school auditorium, rattling lockers as we speed around the corner, swerving through the doors towards the—

“Zach! That’s the pool!” I scream.



Water shoots up my nose. I fumble around, muscles shocked from the frigid pool water. Our school desperately needs to invest in a heater. My arms find a rhythm and I surface to a violent surf. Zach swims next to me, flapping his wings, which send giant waves over my head.

“Slow down!” I fight to keep my head over the waves. “You’re splashing it all out!”

He stops flapping. “Sorry. And sorry to get you wet. Are you positive they haven’t moved the pool room recently?”

“No, Zach, they haven’t,” I say through chattering teeth.

I swim towards the edge and realize the water level is low enough that I need a ladder in order to climb over the side. We must have splashed a ton of water out.

Halfway to the ladder, Tessla and her cronies show up. They stand at the edge and glare down at us, laughing.

“Figures,” she says. “The klutz master would end up with him. Not sure how a moron like him got to be a Flier. If you’re going to hang around loser Basics, Zach, then you really are totally washed up.”

They guffaw at her terrible joke as they leave the pool room. I pull myself up, swipe my drenched hair out of my face and dread how it will look after it dries. Glancing back at the pool, I watch Zach. He has spread his large wings out and floats on his back.

“Fantastic. This makes swimming much more enjoyable,” he says.

I chuckle. “Hope I didn’t make you look bad.”

“No harm done,” Zach says. “They already hated me. They’re a nasty bunch.”

“Thanks for the help.”


Zach sings in an off­key voice as he drifts in the pool. His face is completely calm.

It’s like, for a moment, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

I’ve flown.

I’ve flown with Zach.

And it felt glorious.

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About the Author

Daniel Solomon Kaplan is a playwright turned author after much arm twisting from his wife. He currently has several novels in the works, including CATALYST, the next book of the Elevated Series, scheduled to debut before the end of the year.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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