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The Problem with Crazy

The Problem with Crazy (Crazy in Love #1)
Lauren K. McKellar
Published: 12th February, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Age: Young Adult, New Adult
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The problem with crazy is that crazy, by itself, has no context. It can be good crazy, bad crazy … or crazy crazy—like it was when my ex-boyfriend sung about me on the radio.

Eighteen-year-old Kate couldn’t be more excited about finishing high school and spending the summer on tour with her boyfriend’s band. Her dad showing up drunk at graduation, however, is not exactly kicking things off on the right foot—and that’s before she finds out about his mystery illness, certain to end in death.
A mystery illness that she could inherit.
Kate has to convince everyone around her that her father is sick, not crazy. But who will be harder to convince? Her friends? Or herself?

The Problem With Crazy is a story about love and life; about overcoming obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will change your life forever.

What I liked: Can I just say how I loved the romance in this story? It was really sweet and Kate deserved a guy like the boy she ended up with, and the way they interacted was totally on par with how I could see it going once I got a sense of how Kate is. Was her original boyfriend all that great? Hah, no. No he was a real jerk with how he treated her, always pushing her it seemed when he was in the scene. I also liked how much it showed Kate coming to terms with what’s happening to her father, and what could potentially happen to her in the end. The best part of this book though? I couldn’t put it down without thinking about it (until I was in my history class because that class requires full attention, but different story).

What I didn’t like: The death of a certain character, I mean, really? Really? She’s having a good day and something bed just had to spoil it. It felt too contrived, too coincidental to have been a part of the story. I just, it befuddles me still, hours after having finished the book that it really happened.

Overall Review: This story was really addicting and I can’t believe that it’s over, I really found that Kate’s story was one of great change where she learns to accept one possibility in her future and one that will definitely be happening. Kate goes through a lot in this story, and some of it was touching and some was devastating to see her go through. In the end though, I’m glad how her story ended in this book, and can’t wait to see how her story continues!

Recommend?: Yes! I don’t like reading many contemporary book so I’m glad I took a chance on this one even though I had never heard of it before hearing about its second book, Eleven Weeks. It was good, go read it if you like!

Goodreads: 4.3/5 Amazon: 4.7/5 Barnes&Noble: 4.4/5 BookDepository: -/5

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My Rating: 4.1/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 4.3
Idea: 3.9
Story: 4.1
Characters: 4.1

Eleven Weeks

Eleven Weeks (Crazy in Love #2)
Lauren K. McKellar
Published: 25th January, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Age: New Adult
From: The Fantastic Flying Book Club


Eleven weeks.

Seven tequila shots.

Five siblings.

Two boys.

One heartbeat.


Stacey is good at pretending.

She pretends that the boy she’s in love with doesn’t exist.

She pretends that she’s happy to live and die in this small town.

She pretends that her life is carefree while her best friend’s world crumbles before her very eyes.

But Stacey’s got a secret …

And it’s going to ruin everything.


Eleven Weeks is the story of Kate’s best friend, Stacey–and the whole lot of life that can happen in just eleven weeks.

What I liked: This book made cry close to the end because of what happens to Stacey, I was really cheering for this girl and everything that she had going for her. Stacey’s story was one where many things go wrong when she only wants things to go right for her just once. And her secret is the one thing that managed to break my heart by the end but give me so much joy before then. Michael himself was a character who I went back and forth on, but I knew his heart was in the right place for most of the story. I just thought he went about things in a very roundabout way that didn’t make much sense. I also loved how we got to see several of the events from The Problem with Crazy told from Stacey’s view, it gave it a different perception and there were even new moments added in between Stacey and Kate that I liked seeing because it showed how even though in the eleven weeks both books basically take place in so much can happen.

What I didn’t like: I just don’t see how her entire immediate family (minus her sister Shae) goes from bashing her by basically calling her stupid and that she’ll get nowhere else in life and then at the end turn around and seem to wholeheartedly be there to support her at the end. Granted, I know what happened to her but with the way her parents reacted to the secret I don’t think they would transition that fast.

Overall Review: This was a much more emotional story for me, Stacey’s story was once I connected with a lot more than I did with Kate’s, but really enjoyed overall learning about who Stacey really was and what was happening to her while Kate was dealing with what was happening in her household. Learning who she really is, and what she does to help Kate despite her own predicaments showed me how much different Stacey is compared to how she came off in The Problem with Crazy and how you can’t always judge a character from another characters perception. I’d really love to see more of Stacey’s story in the future, i loved her!

Recommend?: Yes certainly! This was a book that I read in just a few hours because I was so reluctant to put it down because I just wanted to know how everything would turn out for Stacey. Definitely a great read!

Goodreads: 4.2/5 Amazon: 4.8/5 Barnes&Noble: 5/5 BookDepository: -/5

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My Rating: 4.3/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 4.3
Idea: 4.1
Story: 4.5
Characters: 4.2

Don’t miss the third book in the series!

The Problem with Heartache

The Problem with Heartache (Crazy in Love #3)
Lauren K. McKellar
Published: 27th February, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Age: New Adult


The problem with heartache is that there’s no one-size-fits-all relief package. You can go to classes; you can try to embrace change. But when you wake up at two in the morning, a smile on your face because you’ve dreamt about the could have—the should have—nothing will console you.
Because seconds later, you remember.
And remembering can rip you apart


Kate will do anything for her family. It’s why she took the job with Lee. It’s why she’s attempting to forget her pain. But it’s hard to forget, when you’re desperate to hold on. Even if Lee Collins is the perfect package.

Lee will do anything for the ones he cares about. It’s why he hired Kate.
It’s why he keeps his secrets; and it’s why he cannot, will not fall in love. Not with Kate—not with anyone.

The one thing he can’t forgive.
The one thing she can’t forget.

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Books and Ashes review

Lauren McKellar

About the Author

Lauren K. McKellar is an author and editor. Her debut novel, Finding Home, was released through Escape Publishing on October 1, 2013, and her second release, NA Contemporary Romance The Problem With Crazy, is self-published, and is available now.

As well as being a magazine editor for a national audited publication on pet care, Lauren works as a freelance editor for independent authors, and was a Runner Up Editor of the Year in the Publishers Australia awards in 2013.

Lauren is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia and is obsessed with words–she likes the way they work.

She lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales with her fiance and their two super-cute puppies.


Website | Goodreads | Twitter

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