The Assassin and the Dragon Discuss: My Guilty Pleasure

The Dragon and The Assassin Discuss

Our Guilty Pleasure


Specifically, my guilty pleasure.


Edelweiss is basically my “go to” place to look at what DRC’s publishers are offering to reviewers. And I request whatever catches my fancy. Every. Time. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s YA/NA and it catches my interest with its cover and then it’s summary. This wouldn’t be so much a problem for me if I got more denials for my request. Now, I’m not complaining about getting approved for some really good books that I’m (figuratively) dying to read as soon as I realize they’re available for me to request. I love that I can do that, and it pleases me so much when I get approved for a DRC! I usually end up requesting titles from HarperCollins because they seem to be putting out some amazing titles this year, although Simon & Schuster has plenty as well. But I mainly request from HarperCollins.

But, this is the problem

edelweiss pending approved declined

And these

Immortals series new covers

No seriously these covers are beautiful and I requested Wild Magic alone so I can see if they’ll approve me for the first one and build my way up to The Realms of the Gods since I haven’t read these. I’ve never been able to find good copies of the books so I’ve (sadly) never read these. I may or may not have decided the only reason I was going to buy this set later this year when they release was that beautiful dragon on the cover of The Realms of the Gods….

This was basically my reaction upon seeing the covers

The three up from surmise what was basically my reaction upon seeing the covers!

No seriously I need them I’m so going to buy them even though they’re only releasing in hardcover apparently.

But here’s the real reason I need to stop.



That number represents how many books I’ve downloaded from the site. As of today, I’ve only turned in my review for All That Burns. That means I have 78 more books to read and turn in.


Hopefully my admission to the fact I need to stop requesting will help me stop.
Someone please take away my ability to log on there that’s the only way I’ll stop I swear.

I’m a lot better with NetGalley (thankfully). I’ve only got 9 reviews to turn in still on there and they’re all on my schedules for reviews and reading! Hurrah for being organized with those! I also did this with my Edelweiss though for about 36 of the books. Which means only another 42 books that I’ll read outside that.

I’m sorry this was the most appropriate gif and I love it

Let’s face it though that number is going to climb still between now and April. HarperCollins should definitely maybe reject more of my request but I’m sure they’ll be approving them and I’m super okay with that in the long run. Although Iris says that she hasn’t got a single acceptance for any of her request from any publisher, even HarperCollins. Maybe it’s just me?

So tell me, do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to books? Favorite publisher/author/genre/whatever?


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