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For weeks ever since I learned that the second book in The Collectors’ Society was releasing this month I have gone on Amazon every day to look and see if it’s ready to be preorder.

Every. Day.

Dedication at its finest from me, but this series, this author who writes amazing books, deserves my dedication and love for this series. I have literally not stopped talking about this series being my all time favorite to read ever since I finished The Collectors’ Society. My obsession love for this series is staggering. I love it more than I love the Wings of Fire series (don’t listen to anyone about it being stupid because it’s a Middle Grade series, the characters and plot is fan-freaking-tastic and I’m super eager to read book six which just came out. Borrow them from someone, buy them yourself, I don’t care, just read the first book and you’ll (hopefully) understand).

I had my feels torn to pieces in book one by the end over a romance alluded to by the characters that happened before the series started. Because even though you don’t see it, it’s palpable. You can feel the chemistry and heartbreak between these characters. And I fell in love with the series and Heather Lyons writing right then when that happened. With just a few allusions of romance and the way I could feel Alice’s emotions and the way I connected to her I fell in love with it.

I don’t buy very many books after having already read them. I’m the proud owner of a kindle and paperback edition of The Collectors’ Society, and as soon as a paperback edition of The Hidden Library becomes available and I have the money, I’m buying it. If hardcover and/or new covers for the series come out, I’ll buy those as well. If physical ARC editions existed I would hunt them down and buy those too.

I bet you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I was to read an eARC of the second book. I stopped reading the book I was on and didn’t stop reading until I finished it. And let me say one thing about The Hidden Library. My feels were broken and shattered so much that I cried at least twice over the book.

Because of that same romance.

Because I wanted to know it even more intimately.

Because even though Alice has someone else now, I can feel the pain and wishful thinking of her old romantic partner.

I was literally shouting at the book, begging for certain things to be avoided and for other things to happen. It kept me on the edge of my seat to find out what was going to happen next, and the ending had me wishing there was more and wanting the third book so much.

I love this series and I’m happy to say that today I found The Hidden Library on preorder. Right now it’s only the kindle version and that’s cool if you don’t want a bound copy. But trust me when I say I want the third book and I wanted it yesterday when I finished The Hidden Library. I would love for you to get a copy of The Collectors’ Society and read it, ebook or bound copy doesn’t matter I just want you to take a chance on this series. If you love it, please preorder the second book because you will not be disappointed in what happens. You will love it if you loved the first one.

Have some links, okay???

The Collectors’ Society

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The Hidden Library

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Review to be posted closer to release date

Pssst, quick little teaser graphics for both books!



Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of reviews and other bookish content! Look for my review of The Hidden Library closer to the 26th of this month!
EDIT: I’M ON THE TOUR! It’ll be up instead on March 1st (my tour date!). Eeek, I’m so excited! ❤

Happy reading all of you ❤

Endorsment of a fabulous series I think you must read done by Bri



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