Anyone? by Angela Scott

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Angela Scott
Published: 1st December, 2014
Evolved Publishing


The end of the world? That’s the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and deep philosophical exercises in school. No need to sweat it. So when sixteen-year-old Tess’s doomsday-dad builds a bomb shelter in their suburban backyard, everyone thinks he’s gone crazy….

…Until fire rains down from the sky, sinking whole cities into colossal craters and setting much of the world ablaze.

Tess’s dad gives her a few short minutes to gather her emergency bag and her freaked-out kitten, then leads her outside and into the underground shelter. Terrified, the last thing she expects is for him to leave her there all alone, but he has no choice—he must find her missing brother.

Before leaving, he makes Tess promise to keep the hatch door shut, not to open it for anyone but him, and to stay put until he returns.

But he forgot to tell her one thing: What is she supposed to do if he never comes back?

What I liked: The writing in this book is really good actually. Some of the images just seemed to translate perfectly into images and there was a nice development about the characters and a few chilling moments of reveal for me. Namely having to do with the first person she comes in contact with after she finally leaves the bunker, Cole. Cole was an interesting character and I found him both infuriating and funny. Infuriating because of how he sometimes treats Tess and the things he says to her, funny because of the casual way he can sometimes take things. I loved seeing how the way Tess regards Cole changes, but do not mistake that comment as a hint for romance. Tess comes to rely on Cole, and although as infuriating as he can be to her I can see why she would be so desperate to cling to him. Who wouldn’t try and cling to the first semi-friendly person they see after seeing no humans for two months? I also liked Callie, Tess’s cat. Callie was a cute and temperamental who was able to relay at different moments the danger that was happening. Tess herself was a character who I could understand. She’s seventeen and just had her life violently ripped away from her. Although she later admits she misses the life she knows that everything she thought was important is, unfortunately, gone and shallow compared to her new life of survival.

What I didn’t like: There are just so many unanswered questions in this book and while it isn’t a “dislike” per say, it does leave me confused and with so many questions about what really happened out there during the journey. I wanted to know more about what had happened, more about who some of the characters were. The journey was long, I get that, but I felt they should have moved faster and sooner than they did.

Overall Review: I thought this book was going to end in an entirely different way and I still have plenty of questions about Cole. Her talk with, another person she meets, made me really question things about what was going on. I was generally confused and kinda going “What?” throughout the book after that part. Especially with how it actually ends. It was really strange and I have absolutely no idea what was going on. At the ends there’s more than enough left open to add a second book, especially with all the questions I still have about what happened and what’s going on outside. Even just some half-answers would be great! I loved the characters though, and they were fun to read and I can’t wait to (hopefully) see what happens later with Tess and the others.

Recommend?: Yes! Though not always an on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of book, it was an interesting apocalyptic book that I would certain continue reading if there are any books to follow this one!

Goodreads: 4.1/5 Amazon: 4.2/5 Barnes&Noble: 4.5/5 BookDepository: -/5

My Rating: 3.5/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.4
Idea: 3.7
Story: 3.3
Characters: 3.6

Review by Bri


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