Child of Brii by Amanda J. McGee

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Child of Brii

Child of Brii
Amanda J. McGee
Published: 12th February, 2013


Disciple to the Lady Brii, keeper of the memories of a hidden people, Amaya has always accepted her place. Since birth she has been trained to rule, and she even falls in love with one who shares her burden. But when her beloved is murdered, Amaya does the unthinkable: she flees her duty and runs to the land of humankind, age old enemies of all she holds dear. Amongst the skyscrapers and paved streets of a foreign city, she is saved by the kindness of strangers and meets Rin. He takes her in, shelters her, and offers her a new life. Will Amaya be able to accept his offer, or will the shadows that haunt her and the traitors who follow her take this life as well?

Content warning: implied sex scenes

What I liked: I did like Amaya, she has her fun moments but seemed to be serious more often than not. Rin was fun and though I didn’t really connect with any of the other characters in the human world I thought they were good. Kostya, though I had reservations about how he would be involved in this story with the Lady Archive, was a character who I liked despite how little we saw him. I liked Marta, his raven familiar, as well. She seemed like a nice bird. The variation of how powers work for each Endohin was nice, though I bet there are plenty of people who have similar if not the same ones since there have been different Archives in the past who likely had very similar powers if not the exact same.

What I didn’t like: I felt that Yukio’s motivations for murder just really weren’t justified. Lord Magistrate (I think that was his title?) he may be, but that really seems to mean little in this story. What does he even do? I would have also liked there to be more world building for the Endohin people and their history. I get that the Lady Archive knows the entire history of her people, but we really don’t get to know about it other than a long time ago the Endohin people had to go into hiding because humans were trying to kill them. But, they also kidnap certain humans for other humans? It just doesn’t make that much sense. I know it’s “tradition” for them but it just doesn’t make sense. There were also too many time skips for everything to happen in that I didn’t realize until I was told. I also found Amaya’s relationship to be less believable because of that, we didn’t really get to see it bud.

Overall Review: While more of a romance novel than a fantasy (which I wasn’t expecting) this story has a good concept with some hitches. I went in expecting a lot more fantasy than the romance that happened, and there were pieces that I expected to happen as I read so it was a bit predictable in places. I felt like if this book had been longer and split in two with her escape to the human world as the end we could have connected more to the characters and there would have been a bigger feel of tension to the story.

Recommend?: It has a nice concept, but it could be better than what we’re presented. It’s a good read though.

Goodreads: 3.6/5 Amazon: 3.8/5 Barnes&Noble: 3.6/5

My Rating: 3.4/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.4
Idea: 3.5
Story:  3.3
Characters: 3.6


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