We’re participating in the Trees of Reverie 72 Hour Read-a-Thon!

Bri I’ll admit it, I’m a bit fan of short read-a-thon’s because they make me feel a bit more competitive in what I’m going to read. Too long and I lose interest because “Oh look! I need to read this and I can’t put it down. I don’t want to update on the read-a-thon because it’ll take me forever.” So, shorter one’s work for me.

Assassin Iris I really love doing read-a-thon’s. I’ve been in a reading slump recently and the last book I read was awful in my opinion. Hopefully the books I get in during the read-a-thon will get me out of my slump and leave me with good feelings. I’ll try to tackle some of my upcoming review books so that way I can get ahead!

Some information about the read-a-thon

The Trees of Reverie 72 HR Read-A-Thon will start at 12AM on Saturday, 24th of January and finish at 11:59PM on Monday, 26th January in your preferred time zone. This Read-A-Thon is held across all social media sites and is open to anyone who wishes to participate. There will be Bookish Challenges, Book Giveaways and lots of opportunities to interact with and get to know other booklovers.

If you’d like to find out how you can get reading with this event, please visit Trees of Reverie for more details.

Here is where we will both be participating in the event!

Books and Ashes on Tumblr | Goodreads| Twitter

We’ll (hopefully) be tweeting and Tumblring out pictures of what we’re reading, tweet/tumblr some quotes, and (possibly) make some snarky remarks about the books on all three places (snark not guaranteed though)! We’ll round up everything once it ends and make a final post here for you guys to read. There’s going to be so much going on and some awesome stuff with some pretty cool people happening! We hope you’ll come and join us in this event!

We’ll be tagging all of our post on each site (except Goodreads because you can’t tag there) with treesofreveriereadathon if you want to find them!

Assassin Iris ~The Assassin & The Dragon~ Bri


Comments are always welcome and greatly accepted! Please comment as you please :)

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