Birth of a Destiny by T. R. Milne

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Birth of a Destiny

Birth of a Destiny (Light Bearer #1)
T. R. Milne
Published: 28th September, 2014


Evil stalks her. True love finds her. Destiny claims her.

Rose wakes from a coma to find her life has changed forever.
Her parents were killed in the accident that nearly claimed her life. Now orphaned, her mother’s sister brings her to live in the country.

Once courageous and full of life, she only wants to be left alone to wallow in the murky shades of grief. Yet, ghostly meetings, attacks under the cloak of storms, and a threatening dark presence brings danger and adventure to Rose, her cousin and new friend. Her special abilities, known to no one, must remain a secret – somehow.

The trio uncover a portal that takes them to an enchanting world threatened by an evil creature thirsting for eternal darkness. Only one can stop him . . .

Birth of a Destiny is the first book in the Light Bearer series. It is the tale of a lost champion – found by fate and guided by love.

Join Rose, a young girl crossing to a young woman who must travel dangerous and unexpected paths to recapture her warrior spirit, heal her heart and claim her destiny.

What I liked: I really liked Rose, she was a good character who I really liked to follow and showed quite a bit of character development over the story. She also didn’t let love blind her to the task at hand that she had to deal with which I loved. She also seemed to have her head on her shoulders because she didn’t blindly trust anyone, something that I really liked because who really blindly trust someone you just met? James was also a nice character, and seemed to work really well with Rose in a team. Plus the magic part was fun.

What I didn’t like: I just didn’t feel there was any real growth for Claudia as a character, she just kept doing the same things even when she did things that would qualify as “redeeming moments” and since she stayed the same it made it just seem out of character for her. Some parts of the book were rushed to me, like they should been longer to have a better impact.

Overall Review: While this is a quick read, it was generally a pretty satisfying read for me. Most of the characters were fun and I liked them. I really liked the plot and while the scenes didn’t always feel paced right and seemed to move quickly, the action of the book and the way it flowed worked in its favor. I just wish this book had been longer so I could have enjoyed this world more.

Recommend?: I would, this book is fun and entertaining, and even though the main character is much younger than I she was someone who I could understand.

Goodreads: 4.1/5 Amazon: 4.7/5 Barnes&Noble: -/5 BookDepository: -/5

Amazon AUS | Amazon UK

My Rating: 3.3/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.4
Idea: 3.1
Story: 3.5
Characters: 3.4

TR Milne

About the Author

T.R. Milne was shaped as a writer by early childhood where she grew up in a haunted house on a farm where her imagination grew wild.

Her love affair with writing began nine years ago, when her first child was still a baby. Since then, between working part-time and parenting a brood of scrumptious children, she has been writing during little stitches of “free” time in coffee shops, kitchen tables, libraries, and her study.

She now lives with her husband and three children in Melbourne, Australia where she is a Change Manager and Author.

T.R. Milne finds inspiration for writing in all the things that bring light into her life T.R. Milne loves writing for Young Adults, stirring their fertile imaginations and eager sense of adventure. Birth of a Destiny, the first in the Light Bearer series, is her debut novel.


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