Unstrung by Kendra C. Highley

Book Reviews

Kendra C. Highley
Published: 17th October, 2014


Lexa Pate, seventeen-year-old thief extraordinaire, has burned a bridge or two in her life. You don’t make a career out of stealing other people’s property without making enemies.

When a risky job goes from bad to worse, Lexa and her adopted family find themselves on Precipice Corporation’s hit list because they’ve accidentally stolen the wrong thing—plans for a new model of genetically-engineered super humans. Now every bounty hunter, cop on the take, and snitch in the city is after them.

Lexa’s world crumbles around her as she fights to keep her family safe even as someone strolls out of her forgotten past. Quinn says he knows who Lexa really is, but can she trust a stranger she met while robbing his boss?

More importantly, does she really want to know what Quinn has to tell her?

Based on the fairy tale Pinocchio, UNSTRUNG takes you into a near future world where the lines between fake and real are blurred, all that’s pristine isn’t always innocent, and being a criminal isn’t always wrong.

What I liked: I really liked how all the little hints thrown in about Lexa and who she really is gets thrown in without being too obvious when they happen. Lexa herself is a fierce girl who I really liked as a character, she grew on me fairly quickly and I found that while she is a thief for a living, the fact that she can’t lie was brilliant. It was very, interesting that she couldn’t lie despite her line of work and what she was doing to live in her city. Quinn was also interesting as a character, and we know what he is right off the bat, though we don’t know how or why he knows Lexa. That takes a little bit to learn, and it makes everything fall even further apart than what happens after she manages to botch a job that was important. I found that even though we get very little about the world outside the city, what worldbuilding about it we get is good, and the worldbuilding about the city we get gives me some answers but not all of them.

What I didn’t like: I really didn’t like our main antagonist, she felt very flat in the moments she’s in and only seemed to serve the purpose of being the villain of the story. Did she sound like she would be an interesting character from how everyone spoke of her? Yes, definitely. So I was disappointed by that outcome. There was also a lack of a confrontation between Lexa and the main antagonist, especially in the times they meet and it was something that required fighting. It felt rushed and was wrapped up rather quickly.

Overall Review: Besides a few of the characters, I really liked the main cast of characters in Unstrung, they were both interesting and fun and even some of the side characters who don’t appear much after their introduction are not characters who I would call characters you could just cast aside or mesh together. They stood up well in their own way and I really liked them!

Recommend?: Definitely! It was really good and if you like dystopian you should read it!

Goodreads: 4.1/5 Amazon: 4.5/5


My Rating: 4.4/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 4.1
Idea: 4.3
Story: 4.7
Characters: 4.5


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