2015 Challenges Galore

2015 marks a new for most people. Here in the book blogging community it means many of us gear up for challenges that we plan on taking on. I though I’d make a master post about the challenges I want to participate in, instead of just making a bunch of smaller post about them. So for 2015 my challenges are:

105 Challenge

The 105 Challenge

In the 105 Challenge I have to read a total of 105 books with twelve months, in 14 categories of my own choosing. Below are the 14 categories I’ve designated for myself to read!

14. Books I’ve Never Read Set Outside The U. S. A.

13. 2015 New Releases

12. Indie Books

11. 2014 New Releases

10. Review Books (Ebook Or Physical)

9. Popular Books I’ve Never Read

8. Re-Reads (Standalone Or Series Starters)

7. Dystopian Novels I’ve Never Read (But Really Wanted To)

6. Books I’ve Been Told To Read

5. Jane Austen Novels

4. Books Based Off Video Games/T. V. Series

3. Books I’ve Won in Giveaway’s

2.  Series Read&Re-Read (3+ Books And Completed)

1. Book That Is 500+ Pages (New or ReRead)

This list is meant to be a challenge and for me, and right now it is! I’ve got some of the books I want to try picked out, especially with the ones I want to read set outside the U. S. A.  I’ve also had to scrap one of the series I wanted to read upon learning that there’s a new book coming out for it (therefore it’s no longer completed)!  Of course, I’m super excited for the book and the new series I’ve chosen. Also I chose the Re-Reads one in particular just so I can reread a couple of my favorite books from 2014 again! I still have no idea what others ones I want to read, but I am so excited!


NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2015

The basics of this challenge is to get through as many of my review books for both NetGalley and Edelweiss I’ve gathered that I still have to review and turn in (Of course some are 2015 releases so that makes it a tad bit better..). Some of these will overlap into my challenges with the 105 Challenge, but not too many! I’m going to try and go Platinum (75 Books) with this challenge. I’ve got 84 books total with these two places so let’s hope I reach my goal!


Indie Fever

Indie Fever is a challenge meant to be a challenge to read AS MANY Indie books as possible in the year. So for every Indie book I read this year I’ll review it and tag it with Indie Fever to keep up with how many Indie books I read this year alone! Here at Books and Ashes, we’re proud supporters of Indie authors! Some of my favorite books from 2014 were Indie books, and I managed to focus this blog on the smaller publishers last year but this year we’re also hitting with the publishing houses that are big names too! So, gotta have some more Indie love on the blog as well to make sure they’re still being represented! 😉

2015 Goodreads Challenge

We of course have a goal of how much we want to read on top of everything else and keep track with Goodreads, a total of 170 books overall this year! We challenge ourselves to read that many together, and last year the goal was a mere 100 books which we completed late in November and we hit 132 by the end of December! We started the goal in May but lagged on reading much of anything until September, we had maybe ten or fifteen books read by then together so things really took off for us! I’m fairly sure that we’ll likely surpass our goal by far but I didn’t want us to get too ambitious this year!

That’s all of our goals for this year! We’re super excited to do this and have already plunged in head first. Here’s to a good year of reading for everyone!

Assassin Iris     Bri


Comments are always welcome and greatly accepted! Please comment as you please :)

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