Spiral by Jacqueline Levine

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Spiral (Spiral Series #1)
Jacqueline Levine
Published: 22nd August, 2014


Still adjusting to life with his new stepfamily, complete with annoying twin sisters, seventeen-year-old Jack Hansen thought his Christmas Eve dinner couldn’t get anymore complicated – until celebutante Cherie Belle walks into the room. The niece of Jack’s new stepfather, Jack had no idea the young starlet was even in the family. But his initial excitement quickly fades when the teen queen ruins dinner, humiliates his little brother, and storms out, leaving the blame for the night’s demise to fall squarely on Jack’s shoulders. As usual.

But then tragedy strikes for America’s tabloid princess, and Jack and his family are all Cherie has left. Suddenly, Jack finds himself riding the roller coaster that is Cherie Belle’s life: fending off the paparazzi, moving to California, and being cast in the tabloids as her new boyfriend. That part would be fine if it were true. Instead, Jack missteps onto Cherie’s bad side and becomes the target of her diva mood swings and mean-spirited pranks, as she goes to ridiculous lengths to make his life miserable.

Just when Jack is through playing nice, his life turned upside down, Cherie shows up drunk and sobbing, revealing she is far from over her parents’ deaths. He realizes she’s giving the public exactly what it wants: an epic fall from grace. Jack knows he should tell someone that Cherie is spiraling out of control. But once Jack begins to care about Cherie, it becomes harder to keep her secrets; especially when Jack becomes her biggest secret of all.

What I liked: This story was dynamic and kept me entertained throughout the entire time I read it. Jack was a character who, while pressured to try and be the perfect son by his mother, is clearly someone who does what he can to protect the people he cares about. It shows very early on with his sister and it shows over and over again as the story goes on with him protecting different people. Cherie is different from him in several ways, but the connecting point between the two is they understand each other. She has a way of getting Jack to let down his walls without much effort, and I found that something I really liked about her character. The could be who they really are with each other, and it was sweet. Some of the characters in here managed to surprise me by the end, though not all of them were good. It came from their actions, things I picked up on early on with certain ones managed to change by the end. Some of the characters were bad news from the start, and while I had pegged certain ones as characters who would cause trouble, a couple managed to surprise me by not actually being that in the end. I loved reading the little things in between chapters about the gossip about Cherie and Jack were receiving from the paparazzi, it was interesting to see how he was being written about and how people thought about him in the media.

What I didn’t like: Not so much as I didn’t like it, but I would have liked to see more of the family dynamic and how everyone adjust to living in Hollywood. Despite having some money, Jack’s family is clearly nowhere near as wealthy as what Cherie has become by being a celebutante and they would doubtlessly have to adjust to how Hollywood is from where they came from.

Overall Review: This isn’t your typical Hollywood story, Jack and Cherie are two characters who are wonderful and the plot suits these two characters very well. You can see how Cherie is used to being a big name person by how she handles the paparazzi while Jack, so used to living in the shadows of media seems to adamantly dislike it, even seeming horrified about how much attention she’s receiving in reaction to the death of her parents. There is plenty of heartbreak and some moments of tears that really just get you in this story. It’s very well done and entertaining and all around a beautiful story about the downfall of girl who’s lost her parents in Hollywood. It managed to exceed my expectations from when I started it and I’m so glad it did!

Recommend?: Yes! It’s so very lovely and wonderful. I do recommend you read it!

Goodreads: 4.1/5 Amazon: 4.8/5 Barnes&Noble: 5/5 BookDepository: -/5

My Rating: 4.2/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.6
Idea: 4.3
Story: 4.5
Characters: 4.4


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