Wishful Thinking by Elle Jefferson

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Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
Elle Jefferson
Published: 1st September 2014


Seventeen year old James Castle Jr. has rugby to deal with the pressures of high school. Fights with his girlfriend, his dad’s constant blame game and graduation anxieties all work out on the field. Every pass, tackle and scrum works out a kink.

That is until rugby gets suspended.

Without rugby as an outlet he has no idea how to deal with stress or the feelings of fear plaguing him since the break-in at home. James walked in on a burglar who knocked him out and left him with a concussion.  Now, James keeps seeing a little girl with pigtails everywhere. Great, he can add delusional to the list of shit he can’t deal with.

What makes the situation weirder, if that’s possible, is this little girl looks a lot like the new girl at his school, Claudia.
He can’t explain the connection he feels to Claudia, it’s not lust or friendship even, but it’s there.
Everything ties to one event; a hit and run accident he was the victim of fourteen years ago. An accident he doesn’t remember. An accident his father never told him about. An accident that wasn’t in fact an accident. It seems someone from his father’s past is hellbent on revenge and this time they plan to make sure James is dead. James will have to remember the past or else be caught in a killer’s crosshairs.

***Parents strongly cautioned due to minor drug use, underage drinking, sex and foul language***

What I liked: I loved watching how James grew a bit over the novel, he was really closed off about things with people in the beginning but he was a little more willing to talk to people about things by the end which was something I knew he would have to work on, especially with Summer. Of course, Summer has her own issues to deal with in this book and I liked seeing that she had things of her own going on in the background, it gave her a depth I wasn’t expecting and I liked that. James’ friends were also interesting and while we had some typical school based drama go on there was an undercurrent where the actual plot comes in, and though it does take a while to actually appear it was really interesting to learn about.

What I didn’t like: The whole ending with the big climatic portion that I was waiting for was rushed, it all happened very quickly and without much pause. I would have liked for it to be drawn out more so I could have felt more suspense than what I did get, it all happened so fast that I didn’t really know how to feel about it. One minute he’s home, next he’s at that place, and then he’s back with his dad in what felt like a very short span of time. I also still feel a little bit confused about the explanation he gets in the last bit of the book, not only was James confused about what he was told, but so was I as well.

Overall Review: I really liked how everything came together, all the different things we get to notice about characters and the different hints we kept getting about how things would turn out. None of them were completely obvious right off-hand, but a few were strong enough that I quickly caught on to what had happened, although there were still a few things that I wasn’t sure about that managed to surprise me when they were revealed. So, even though the big climatic part of the book was rushed to me and I still feel fuzzy on a few parts at the end, it managed to both surprise me and I found that I liked it much more than I thought I would after the first few chapters. Overall, a very good read!

Recommend?: Yes! It can keep you guessing and it’s a very enjoyable read as well!

Goodreads: 3.6/5 Amazon: 4/5 Barnes&Noble: 3/5 BookDepository: -/5

My Rating: 3.8/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 4.6
Idea: 3.6
Story: 3.1
Characters: 3.9

Review by Bri



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