Caged Moon by Rachel Deagan

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Caged Moon

Caged Moon (Caged Moon #1)
Rachel Deagan
Published: 18th January, 2012


Haunted by an animal attack, seventeen year old Charlotte feels she is being followed. When she runs into a mysterious boy while camping, she’s afraid. Nothing seems right about him. Despite trying to stay away, there is an unmistakable draw to be near him. Even his scent smells familiar. But the closer she gets, the faster the secrets begin to unravel. Not only is he not human, he may have a link to her past. When Charlotte finds out someone wants her dead, she is torn between love and fear. Can she trust him to keep her safe?

What I liked: I liked the basis of the plot for this story, Charlotte is going (kinda) crazy thinking she is basically being followed by wolves. She’s also moving to a new town, and I was able to piece together the story about Charlotte’s animal attack throughout the story. I was able to catch on really quickly about Liam and his potential role to the story, and I liked the characters for the most part when the actions matched the words said.

What I didn’t like: There was quite a bit of confusing narrative to this story, and plenty of inconsistencies that went back on what was said earlier. Plus, several of Charlotte’s actions didn’t match up to how she should have reacted (if someone tells me that they’re a werewolf I’m going to tell them to please escort themselves to a mental hospital or find a way to prove it right then and there because they have got to be crazy). There were also errors in here with punctuation (missing), words that were either missing letters or weren’t what was needed, and the sentences that read really awkwardly and I had to go over it a few times to try and understand (not that always worked mind you…).

Overall Review: While I am a fan of books dealing with paranormal myths like werewolves, I felt like this one left a little something to be desired with the characters and plot. It wasn’t “bad” per say, I was just hoping for more mystery to the story since I figured things out really quickly. There were some problems I had with the book and unaligned actions from characters that didn’t seem to fit how they’ve been acting was my biggest.

Recommend?: It’s a nice, quick read. If you like books with werewolves I don’t see why you shouldn’t read this.

Goodreads: 3.5/5 Amazon: 4/5 Barnes&Noble: 4.8/5 BookDepository: 5/5

My Rating: 3.3/5

Rated Materials:
Cover: 3.8
Idea: 3.6
Story: 2.9
Characters: 3.1

Rachel Deagan

About the Author

Rachel grew up in small town Massachusetts where she spent most of her time writing about strange paranormal creatures instead of paying attention in class. She has always been considered the ‘dreamy’ one with her head in the clouds, but it has all been worth it. Rachel, now, is YA Author of both The Caged Moon Series, and The Prophecy.

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My review for the second book, Lunar Passing, will appear on Sunday.


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